Cable Hangers & Hooks

Lead Hooks, Lead Stands and Magnetic Cable Hangers

Sometimes it is just not practical to run cable covers across the floor or dig trenches to bury them.

We therefore have some alternative solutions, which include our lead hooks, lead stands and magnetic cable hangers.

Lead hooks:

Our cable hooks offer the alternative route to cable protection - overhead. The hooks can be used in temporary or permanent applications lifting cables off the floor where they are most hazardous

Lead Stands:

The stands feature a non-conductive polyurethane base which can be filled with sand to add weight and stability, and an extendable arm to allow for easy access to the cables when required.

Magnetic Cable Hangers:

Magnetic cable hangers keep both permanent and temporary work area floors and platforms tidy and free of unsightly and unsafe cable mess. They are an ideal storage solution for storing cables, hoses, leads and wires in a safe position.

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Raise your cables off the ground
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