Hose Ramps

Protect your valuable hoses from vehicular damage

Cables, cords and hoses can be easily damaged when not adequately protected leading to costly replacements. Protect cables, hoses and leads from damage with Premier Workplace Solutions range of cable protectors. Ensure you use a purpose designed cable and hose ramp to protect against damage and personal injury.

Our cable and hose ramp is used for protecting hose and electric conduit runs and is an effective, durable and long lasting product. The system can be used to provide temporary or permanent cable safety for hose and conduit runs from traffic. The ramps are lightweight and flexible, and conforms to the contours of the road surface. Economical and built to last, these hose ramps are easily transported and can be installed fast.

If you are unsure as to which cable cover would best suit your application please do not hesitate to contact us.

CR850 Cable & Hose Ramp (Code: CR850)
0.00 EUR
CR1010 Cable & Hose Ramp (Code: CR1010)
100.00 EUR
0.00 EUR
0.00 EUR